Cross-domain Single Sign-On

The cross-domain SSO live demo applications are at (Identity Provider), (Service Provider 1), and (Service Provider 2). The following steps illustrate how these cross-domain applications work:

  1. Open
  2. Click on the Next button; you will be redirected to IdP site to login
  3. At the IdP’s login page, type iuser and password
  4. You are now redirected back to the SP’s homepage
  5. On the address bar of the browser, type and press Enter
  6. You will be represented with the homepage of the SP2
  7. Click on the Next button; you will see that you are logged in at the SP2 with user id iuser
  8. Now you see how to log into a single IdP and let users use other Service Providers without asking users to log in multiple times

The code of these cross-domain SSO live demo applications is available in the setup package. After installing the setup package, you can see three sample projects in folder Samples\Saml\Web\CS\Saml2MultipleSPsfor C# and Samples\Saml\Web\VB\Saml2MultipleSPs for VB.NET. To open the Cross-domain SSO demo applications, double click on the solution file named Saml2MultipleSPs_XXXX.sln.

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